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Hot & Trending Knife Products - The hottest and most popular knife products, right now on eBay.

Most Popular Products 

TAC FORCE Black Spring Assisted Open SAWBACK BOWIE Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife
6368 watchers   Number Sold: 8148
Tac-Force Black Rescue Spring Assisted Glass Breaker Open Folding Pocket Knife
5437 watchers   Number Sold: 7534
27" Ninja Sword Machete Throwing Knife Full Tang Tactical Blade Black Katana
3717 watchers   Number Sold: 2322
TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Opening EMT EMS ORANGE Rescue Folding Pocket Knife NEW
2775 watchers   Number Sold: 5810
Tac-Force Black TANTO BLADE Spring Assisted Tactical Folding Pocket Knife New!!!
2445 watchers   Number Sold: 2433
BRAND NEW 6PC Throwing Knife Set with Leg Sheath Black
2252 watchers   Number Sold: 1726
Cardsharp Credit Card Folding Razor Sharp Wallet Knife survival tool thin
2215 watchers   Number Sold: 40558
Sports Outdoor Camping Hiking Hat Survival Kit Knife Card Winter Ski Mask Beanie
2156 watchers   Number Sold: 2338
Ultimate Survival Emergency Camping Hiking Knife Shovel Axe Saw Gear Kit Tools
1915 watchers   Number Sold: 679
Ninja Sword 27" Machete w/ Throwing Knife Full Tanto Tactical Blade Katana Black
1850 watchers   Number Sold: 591

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Most Bids 

R.H. Ruana 1942-43 Era Knife ~ Square Cut 14B Skinner ~ With Original Sheath
74 Bids on this item. Current Price: $840.00
LES GEORGE Custom Damascus Knife Flipper, 1 of 1 Blade Show Exclusive
64 Bids on this item. Current Price: $504.99
Case Brothers Classic 63083 Whittler Knife awesome Brillant Green Ultra Rare
54 Bids on this item. Current Price: $81.56
53 Bids on this item. Current Price: $107.50
53 Bids on this item. Current Price: $251.00
48 Bids on this item. Current Price: $100.00
LOTR Elven Knife of Strider / Aragorn / United Cutlery UC1371WGNB / Hobbit
48 Bids on this item. Current Price: $162.50
47 Bids on this item. Current Price: $70.00
Case Brothers Classic 630109x Whittler Knife flawless Antique Red Bone Low Run
46 Bids on this item. Current Price: $71.00
Buck Knife 192 Custom Limited Edition 136 / 500 Gold Etched Blade D-Day 50th Ann
44 Bids on this item. Current Price: $66.01

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Knives 2013 : The World's Greatest Knife Book by Joe Kertzman (2012, Paperback) - Reviews
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-- See More Listings --
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Ontario XM Folding Knife 3.375 Drop Point N690Co Black Stainless Steel Blade Aluminum Handle Black
Price: $147.99
Ontario Marine Combat Knife
Price: $47.99
Heavy Duty Knife Sheath Straps. New. Lot Of Two. Rubber, 18 Long.
Price: $6.00
Bushcraft Field Knife, Walnut Handle, Plain, Nylon Sheath
Price: $88.48
Ontario Marine Bowie Combat Knife
Price: $64.99
Tactical - Pocket Clip Knife - Ridge Runner Silver & Black -
Price: $17.95
Ontario Mark 3 Navy Fixed Blade Knife 6.5 Serrated Clip Point 440A Black Stainless Steel Blade Polymer Handle Black
Price: $80.99
MK 3 Navy Knife, Black Handle & Blade, w/Sheath
Price: $87.85
Ontario RAT Folding Knife 3.625 Drop Point AUS-8 Black Stainless Steel Blade Nylon Handle Black
Price: $30.49
TAK1 Knife, Micarta Handle, Black Blade, w/Sheath
Price: $85.35
Adventurer Survival Kit Knife Be Prepared Free Shipping
Price: $34.99
Ontario Little Bird Fixed Blade Knife w/ Glass Breaker 1.75 Drop Point 1095 Black Steel Blade Cord Handle Black
Price: $50.99
Boker 02BO155 Airforce Pilot Survival Knife
Price: $45.38
Tactical - Pocket Clip Knife - Ridge Runner - Black On Black - 7'' Overall Ridge
Price: $14.95
Ontario Ranger Neck Knife Fixed Blade 2.69 Drop Point 440 Stainless Steel Blade 440 Handle Bead Blast
Price: $56.99
Ontario RAT Folding Knife 3.625 Serrated Drop Point AUS-8 Black Stainless Steel Blade Nylon Handle Black
Price: $31.99
Hefty Zombies Knife - Tanto - Cut Out - Bug Out - 9 1/2 Inch - Adjustable Deploy
Price: $22.00
Ontario Knife RAT-3 4 inch Knife
Price: $89.99
Ontario Knife Co RAT-7 1095 Knife, Silver/Black
Price: $94.99
Naturetrek Pocket Knife - Blue 038521104495
Price: $5.05
Meyerco Blackie Collins Liner Lock Knife
Price: $25.53
1 Piece Rivers Edge Stainless Steel Wildlife Knife
Price: $8.99
Ka-bar Tdi Ldk Self Defense Neck Knife Kit - Law Enforcement police Edition
Price: $32.00
Mtech Usa Neck Knife - Mt-513 Fixed Blade 550 Paracord Urban Survival Bushcraft
Price: $19.99
Stainless Steel Tack Horse Hoof Knife Abs Plastic Handle Right Handed
Price: $9.49
Pro Painter Wallpaper Smotther Kit Orange Handle Knife Nip
Price: $6.36
Ridge Runner Deluxe Game Cleaning Knife & Saw Kit
Price: $38.00
Sog Sh-02 Countertop Knife Sharpener
Price: $19.46
Ontario Knife MK3 Navy Knife
Price: $89.99
Ontario Knife Co Ranger Falcon Knife, Silver
Price: $69.99